Hie off to your own personal sanctuary at BlueWaves Beach House. Get the best of both worlds with the privacy of a vacation house and the services of full size resort.

Walk into one of our suites and feel like stepping into your own bedroom. The minimalist tropical theme sets the lounging holiday mood. Furnished with a comfortable bed, a bed side refrigerator, cable TV, ample closet space and air conditioning and a bathroom with running cold and hot water, the room is the perfect refuge at the end of the long beach day. But with only the bare necessities,

The resort’s accommodations play only second fiddle to BlueWaves’ main attraction...

...the breathtaking Boracay White Beach.

Step outside and feel the pristine white sand on your feet and the cool soothing seasprayed breeze on your face. Even the resorts colors of blue and green add to the accommodating ambiance. Eat, play or simply relax at our covered areas. Or start basking at any of our sun beds.

Feeling parched? Need to dry up? Simply ask one of our staff for your favorite drink or a handy beach towel. Discretely walking around, our attendants make sure that you have everything you need without intruding into your privacy.


  • checkDirect Beach Access
  • checkRestaurant
  • checkAir Conditioning
  • checkHot and Cold Shower
  • checkCable TV
  • checkSafety Deposit Box
  • checkVoltage 220/240
  • checkiPod Dock
  • checkDVD Player
  • checkSecurity Guard